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a creative studio with a difference

Studio Susegad is a new home for creative production in Bristol and beyond, founded by Roseanna Dias in 2022. We're interested in ways of creating together that centre rest, care and connection.

'Susegad' is a Konkani term from Goa, India where some of Roseanna's family is from. It comes from the Portuguese 'sossegado' meaning quiet. We believe in the quieter, gentler, more peaceful ways of doing things and don't subscribe to burn out culture.

We're currently building our website (thank you Javi and Tara!) and we can't wait to share it with you soon... For now, scroll down for a little more info. You can also stay up to date with how our plans are evolving by signing up to our newsletter. 

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Open for collaboration

Hello! I'm Roseanna. I'm a freelance creative producer, curator and facilitator based in Bristol and this year, I'm setting up a new business which I'm very excited to share with you. Studio Susegad is the culmination of many years working in the creative sector developing strategies of radical care within cultural production - these have mostly focused on supporting people of colour, young creatives, or artists and organisations starting out or making changes to how they work

As a Studio, we bring critical thinking, and curatorial, production and engagement expertise to the table to support those often marginalised by traditional production processes and leadership models.  I'm also aiming to carve out space for the me and my collaborators to operate on our terms and develop ways of working, creating, resting and being together that are infused with care.


We've just finished up a project for Watershed and are currently collaborating with Trigger on a project supporting refugee and asylum seekers this Summer. We would love to connect with more people to work on creative ideas, programmes and events which place or want to place care, rest and connection at their heart. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss how we could collaborate. 

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