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a bit about me

I'm a Bristol based producer, curator and facilitator interested in creativity, care and social change. I co-create action research, engagement programmes and events with creatives aged 18-30, BIPOC artists, and those in creative tech. 

Later this year I'm launching an 'organisational container' for my individual creative practice called Studio Susegad. It will be a new home for creative production in Bristol and beyond - and will focus on how we centre rest, care and pleasure in creative practice. I've been developing the principles/intentions, business model and co-creation strategies over the last 12 months and I can't wait to share more with you. 

Outside of this I co-lead UnEarthed with Lukus Robbins. This is a National Lottery funded project exploring what our future relationship to land might be, when we take time to imagine collectively as part of our communities. In Spring 2022 we set off on a UK wide tour and now we're working on a publication illustrating the main themes and findings.

Until April 2022 I was working in the core team at Rising Arts Agency across two projects. As Exec Producer on BE IT I supported young leaders making change through non traditional means. As Critical Agitator and Researcher on our Resourcing Racial Justice programme, I supported our BIPOC community and staff, and devised and implemented strategies of rest and care. A lot of my work at Rising over the years (I used to lead our other flagship project Whose Culture Is It Anyway? 2018-2020) has empowered me to surface the tensions in creative practice and in system change work and find collective ways of addressing them. 

Since 2020 I've been co-curating with Cardiff collective gentle/radical. During lockdown we experimented with offering quality community film events and artist training programmes online.  For instance, in November 2020 we ran Anthologies of Care - an experimental online space exploring self care, restoration and reparation and in February 2021 we ran a training programme for ethical artistic co-creation for National Theatre Wales and National Resources Wales. Last year we were working on our Turner Prize nomination exhibition, and I was co-leading our in person event exploring critical connections (not critical mass) in community arts practice. This year we are refocusing on our deep community work in Riverside, Cardiff which we see unfolding over the next 30 years. 


Care is a huge theme within my work and I've been delighted to explore this in depth with Josephine Gyasi at Knowle West Media Centre where we co-curate Creativity + Care. This year and a half long programme explores pleasure activism and care in production processes and in the creative sector, working alongside artists from across the country and Taiwan. Look out for our A-Z of Care in the Creative Industries, a toolkit for embedding more care into creative work, which will be distributed later this year. 


Space and place are also really important in my work, and in 2019/20 I was a Research Fellow in Inclusion for Digital Placemaking. My research explored how digital/hybrid spaces and digital placemaking processes could centre care and support radical change makers and has been pivotal to my work.

People, projects and organisations I've worked with include:

Bristol + Bath Creative R&D, Jerwood Arts, In Place of War, Engage, Rife, British Council, Bristol Cable, Trinity Community Arts, Container Magazine, Rife, Sour Lemons, BBC Arts, Calling The Shots, We Are Parable, Clwstwr, MAIA, Anagram, South West Creative Technology Network, Trigger, No Bindings, Shelby X Studios, East Bristol Cinema.